Chuck Stein: Environmental Stoneworks (Video)

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In case you missed it in our email newsletter, here’s the recently released story of Chuck Stein, President and CEO of Environmental Stoneworks.

Chuck Stein – Environmental Stoneworks from Denver Institute on Vimeo.

Here are some questions to ask in a group context to discuss the video:

  • Why do you think Chuck enjoys simply “building something?”
  • How do you think Chuck’s company is influencing the community with their products? What if they didn’t exist?
  • Why do you think Chuck changed his mind about what really is “God’s work”? How can producing, selling and installing stone veneer be “God’s work?”
  • Why do you think it’s so important for Chuck to make sure people’s skills and gifts “fit” each job?
  • Chuck has made a concerted effort to pay his employees more since he arrived. What role do you think wages should play in “redeeming work?” 
    ​When does a focus on wages go wrong?
  • ​ What is the “redemptive edge” in your own work? Where do you see opportunities to bring a “slice of redemption” where you’re at today?​