How We Engage Culture – Notes from Church Leadership Event

A Recap of our Q4 Event

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In early December, a group of staff from our partner churches gathered at the Denver Institute for Faith & Work (DIFW) offices for our quarterly Church Leadership event. We discussed the four common postures from which Christians relate to culture as laid out by Tim Keller in his book Center Church.

If you missed it, this is a very helpful and easy process to reproduce with a staff team discussion. It offers a useful framework for thinking about your values and philosophy in church missional engagement, exposing some of the whys behind what you do.

Start by having everyone read chapter 16 from Keller’s Center Church (the book is expensive, but we can give you all the information to legally secure low cost reprints of just this chapter). The discussion facilitator should read Chapter 17 as well. From there, have your team discuss four questions:

  • Summarize each of the four positions with several distinctives each.
  • What are the strengths and liabilities of each position?
  • Where do we see our church landing in this model?
  • Based on our position, what liability do we need to be cautious of and what is one strength from the other three positions that we can incorporate? (Think of applications here for teaching, small group discussions, leader trainings, and ways to balance how and what you communicate to people about evangelism and mission.)

If it would benefit you to discuss the merits of the activity more or even have a DIFW staff member come and facilitate your staff discussion, just email Brian Gray to talk more.