Small Group Discussion Resources on Faith & Work

A Curated Collection for our Church Partners

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As a gift to our church partners, Denver Institute for Faith & Work (DIFW) has curated a collection of discussion guides for use in Christian education classes, small groups, or seminar-style events. The guides include Scripture references, excerpts from classic and contemporary writing on faith, work, and culture, and questions that can be easily-adapted to the needs of your group.

The content is organized in 5 categories, which parallel DIFW’s 5 Guiding Principles. Click the links below to download files and any accompanying materials:

1. Theological Foundations: Discover how work is at the heart of God’s mission and navigate the tensions of working in a fallen world.

2. Vocation/Calling: Guides address common misconceptions about calling, help participants identify their vocation(s), and suggest practical steps they can take to steward their gifts.

3. Create Good Work: Discussion guides help participants identify both goodness and brokenness in their fields. This category also explores workplace idols and ways participants can have a distinctly Christian influence in their industry.

4. Spiritual Formation: Our jobs can be powerful tools for spiritual growth. These guides help participants recognize God’s presence in the workplace and provide practical tools to “take your soul to work.”

5. Service: Our work plays a vital role in God’s redemptive mission in the world. These lessons explore the broader impact our work can have in our communities.