As A Christian, Why Should I Care About _____?

Learn How One Christian Rapper Fills in the Blank

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As a Christian, why should I care about ___?

How would you fill in the blank to reflect the questions you’re wrestling with today?

For you, is it race? Societal trends? Pop culture? Politics?

These are the kinds of topics that thoughtful Christian rap artist Amisho “Sho” Baraka engages through his music, speaking engagements, and public life.

By using his platform to call out and discuss injustice and social issues, he challenges all of us as Christians to care about and engage with important topics that are relevant in our cultural moment.

Check out his perspective in this video, “Four Reasons Christians Should Be Politically Involved.”

To hear more about how Baraka combines faith, art and social consciousness, join Denver Institute for Faith & Work next Friday, Feb. 24 for “The Artist’s Voice: A Conversation about Faith, Rap & Race.”

This discussion about faith and cultural engagement will surely fill in some blanks for me about the topics I should be engaging.  

We hope you join us next Friday. And, as you go about your weekend, tune in to Baraka’s most recent album The Narrative (Humble Beast Records, 2016.)

Tickets  for “The Artist’s Voice” are $15 each. Get them through our website >>


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