Top Five Books to Read with Businesspeople in Your Congregation

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As we prepare for “For Whose Glory?” Thursday’s half-day business event, I started shopping for resources we’d offer in the event bookstore. What a luxury! As an avid reader, I relish the opportunity to share great reads with others.

One of the keys to preparing your people to walk with God in every area of life is understanding their day-t0-day life, especially the hours they spend at work. Don’t assume you understand the unique pressures and opportunities they face. Reading a book, or excerpts of a book, together can deepen your understanding and spark meaningful conversation. Your interest and engagement is a powerful sign of respect for the vocational gifts of these talented professionals.

Our top five reads for businesspeople in your congregation are:

  1. Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by Timothy Keller
  2. Business As A Holy Calling: A Workbook for Christians in Business and Their Pastors by Tim Dearborn
  3. Why Business Matters to God: And What Still Needs to Be Fixed by Jeff Van Duzer
  4. Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace by Kenman Wong and Scott Rae
  5. Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing by Chris Horst and Peter Greer