Video: The Soul of Shame

How one researcher connects spiritual life and mental health

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You may be familiar with this uncomfortable feeling.

Something has gone wrong at work. You disappointed a supervisor, didn’t execute on a project, or missed a deadline. Your face gets hot, your stomach knots, and you just want crawl under your desk and disappear.The sense of embarrassment lingers, coloring how you perceive yourself or your situation.

That lingering feeling is more than just embarrassment, it’s shame — a powerful force that lives in life’s commonest moments, but has the power to distort God’s work in our lives, families, and organizations. It alters our perception of an experience by telling its own version of events.

What if we could overcome shame to find confidence and deep connection in our families, churches, and even in our workplaces?

Dr. Curt Thompson is a researcher who explores the nature of shame, revealing its spiritual and neurobiological roots. He will also provides practical, biblically-based tools to overcome shame and its damaging effects on our performance and relationships.

In this video, watch Thompson’s address on “The Soul of Shame” from a Denver Institute event in September 2016.