Video: The Purpose of Business Today

Deep questions about the gospel and business

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On June 15, church and business leaders from across the region – as well as speakers from around the country – gathered at “For Whose Glory: Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership & Business.” It was an honor to see partners, peers and thought leaders join us for discussion and deep questions.

For instance, in the keynote address, Jeff Haanen asked:

  • What is the purpose of business?
  • How do we embrace relationships in our work?
  • How does Christ’s model of sacrificial love apply to our daily tasks?
  • How do we seek spiritual health as workers in our community?

Watch his address as you continue to process these questions alongside us.

Takeaways for today:

Our Christian faith calls us to:

  1. Think theologically about the purpose of business
  2. Embrace relationships
  3. Create work in a spirit of hope
  4. Admit our flaws as we seek deep spiritual health
  5. Serve others sacrificially in our city