Resources for Work-Themed Worship

Materials for your church or small group that focus on the themes of work and vocation

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Again from of our friends at the Theology of Work project, here’s a great compilation of prayers, songs, and other worship service materials on the themes of work and vocation.

This is a great place to begin if you’re looking for ways to equip the members of your congregation or group with encouragement and Biblical perspective on their work as worship.



Contemporary Songs

Vocational Interviews in Church

“This Time Tomorrow”
Each Sunday, invite a different person to answer three questions in front of the group:

  1. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?
  2. What opportunities or challenges will you face?
  3. How can we pray for you?

From the Stage
Interview a member of your congregation about his or her work, on stage as a part of the church service.

Work in Worship Resources

These resources for Sunday worship come from “Work in Worship,” edited and compiled by Rev David Welbourn. 

Prayer Material for Services

Hymns, Psalms & Poems



Sample Services

Private Prayer

For additional resources to use and share, you can download the entire Work in Worship book as a PDF

Visit the Theology of Work website for more resources and guidance on how to use these assets in your church. 

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