The mission of Denver Institute for Faith & Work is to form men and women who live with Christ in all of life, bear witness to the gospel in every area of culture, and serve the needs of the world with the work of their hands.


Denver Institute for Faith & Work is an educational nonprofit based in Denver, Colorado, offering theological education on issues of work, calling and culture. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of our work and professions in light of the Christian faith, and to use that knowledge to better serve our organizations, communities and professions. To this end, we provide four programs and are guided by Five Guiding Principles which are our benchmark for success.

For more on the DIFW, read “Servant & Witness: John Stott and the DIFW Mission.”

Why was DIFW started? For several reasons:

  • There is a great educational gap between the church and higher education that leaves many working men and women without a vision for how the gospel can influence their work. We hope to work with faith leaders and working men and women (post-college) to close this gap.
  • There is a great need for equipping men and women in a wide variety of industries, including education, law, homemaking, business, engineering/architecture, health care and other fields. We believe a broad, liberal arts perspective is key to both solving complex problems and for equipping the Body of Christ – nurses, teachers, retailers, construction workers, executives – for their priestly service (1 Pet. 2:9).
  • Many faith/work organizations have few if any connections to the local church, and, as such, can become both theologically “thin” and separated from the Body of Christ. We saw the need to create an organization that is an extension of the local church and her life-giving influence on society.
  • Work tends to be the place where we spend most of our days and have the most influence, but often is receives the least amount of theological and spiritual guidance. We hope to equip many to become more effective servants in Denver and beyond.