Events & Forums

We host vocation events in partnership with local churches to help professionals engage with the theology of work and vocation. If your church interested in working with DIFW to host an event, please contact us.

We also organize public forums, industry-specific events that allow participants to engage with critical questions involving the gospel and work. Presenters speak on the integration of faith and specific fields of work (e.g., health care, education, the service sector, art, business or media).

Events provide a chance for individuals, churches, companies and organizations to understand how the Christian faith can shape their work and profession – and be inspired for action. Below are pictures, testimonials, and links to videos from past events.

Upcoming Events

Moving Forward: Better Addressing Racial Diversity in Our Church

Sep 21, 2017 Denver Institute for Faith & Work

The Vocation of Fundraising

Oct 12, 2017 Save Our Youth

Previous Experiences

“Thank you, too, for putting on the Women, Work and Calling event! I was so happy that I went, even though I was unsure of trudging out in the snow storm on a work night. It was food for my soul, and so great to be with other women for the evening with a guiding purpose! Kate Harris was the best speaker I have heard in a long time, and Jeff did a really good job with the panel discussion. Thank you for all the work you put into it, and for your encouragement in participating! ”

-Margaret Hunt