For Whose Glory? Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership & Business

Tensions are a part of growing a business and leading people…

How do I build integrity into my business’s culture while still hitting the bottom line? Who am I becoming as an entrepreneur? What impact is my company having on my employees? I know my faith should impact my whole life, but what does it say about HR, management, entrepreneurship, raising capital, or business’s influence on society?

Join us on Thursday, June 15, 7:30am-1pm to ponder the question: “For Whose Glory? Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership & Business.”

A range of business leaders, from startup founders to seasoned pros, will share practical wisdom on:

  • “Defining Your Leadership” – Steve Reinemund, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo
  • “Caring for the Soul of Entrepreneurs” Max Anderson, Partner at Praxis Venture Labs and author of The MBA Oath; Henry Kaestner, Principal and Russell Bjorkman, Partner at Sovereign’s Capital; John Paasonen, CEO of Maxwell; Reilly Flynn, Managing Partner, GAN Ventures; Banks Benitez, Senior VP, Unreasonable Institute
  • “Good Jobs: A Strategy for Both Profit and Poverty Alleviation” – Michael Coors, CEO of Coors Tek; Jason Janz, Co-Founder of CrossPurpose; Helen Young Hayes, CEO of Activate Workforce Solutions
  • “Theology for Business” – Jeff Haanen, Denver Institute for Faith & Work
  • “The MBA Oath: A Higher Standard for Business” – Panel Conversation

(Full descriptions of keynotes & breakouts below)

Tickets are $150 each and include light breakfast and lunch. Tables of 8 are $800 (8 tickets at $100/ea.).

*Partial scholarships available for students or those working in nonprofits.

Event sponsorship opportunities available. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.


7:30am – Breakfast
8:00am – “Theology for Business” – Jeff Haanen
8:30-9:50 – Breakout Session #1
10:05-11:35 – Breakout Session #2
11:50am-1:00pm – Lunch and “The MBA Oath: Setting a Higher Standard for Business” – Panel Discussion

Breakfast Keynote: “Theology for Business” – Jeff Haanen, Founder of Denver Institute for Faith & Work

The world of church, Bible studies, and sermons often seems remote the world from world of business. Hiring, supply chains, operations, management, investing and customer service feels distant from the stories of apostles, prophets, patriarchs and parables.

Is there also a way to link the heart of Christian faith to the actual day-to-day work of business leadership? What are the best starting point for a practical theology that can shape our work life? What might that mean for customers, employees, stakeholders and society at large?

Breakout Sessions
*Attendees will choose to attend 2 of 3 breakout sessions

Entrepreneurship: “Caring for the Soul of Entrepreneurs”

The Front Range has become a hotbed for entrepreneurship. Denver was listed as the #3 city to start a company by US News,  and, according to the Kaufmann Foundation, is a top 10 city in the US for start-up activity.

Yet the life of an entrepreneur can take a deep emotional toll on founders. The pressure to scale quickly can erode family relationships; money is often a worry, as venture capital is being spent more quickly than customers are acquired; any life beyond work often compete with the start-up community’s pressure to build, scale and “change the world.” On the outside, the world cheers on entrepreneurs as drivers of economic growth; on the inside, it can often feel like a mixture of confusion, uncertainty, exhilaration and crushing defeat.

What does it look like to care for the soul of entrepreneurs? What are the habits of healthy relationships, use of time, and business practices? What might renewed relationships look like between venture capitalists and founders? How can start-up communities encourage deep spiritual health?


Management: “Defining Your Leadership: Q&A with Steve Reinemend”

Steve Reinemund, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, ran one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, with over $33 billion in annual revenue. During his tenure as CEO (2001-2006), revenues grew by $9 billion, net income rose by 70%, and PepsiCo’s market cap exceeded $100 billion.

Over the span of Reinemund’s career – which spanned the United States Marine Corp to becoming Dean of Wake Forest University’s Business school – he often had to answer difficult questions. How do you shape the culture of a corporation? What is the role of integrity in the context of quarterly shareholder reports and high-performing teams? Who do you hire in positions of leadership? Does business have a broader social responsibility – in the products you produce, the supply chains, its impact on the environment? What does it mean influence both individuals and institutions as a Christian leader?

With:  Steve Reinemund, Former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and Dean of the Wake Forest Business School, current board member of Marriott, Walmart, Exxon Mobil and Chik-Fil-A

Operations: “Good Jobs: A Strategy for Profit and Poverty Alleviation”

A good job for a low-income individual can be the key to overcoming poverty. But giving those with barriers to employment competitive wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement is usually seen as a charity play that most business owners can’t afford, especially in cost-sensitive industries.

Yet in a city like Denver, with unemployment rates at all-time lows, the scramble to fill entry level positions and jobs in the trades has many business leaders looking for new sources of labor.

What kind of jobs are best at alleviating poverty – and what kind of jobs keep people in poverty? How should we define a “good job?” How can companies provide life-transforming work while staying profitable? Can companies create a healthy workplace culture, retain labor, invest in employees – and still provide competitively priced products and services to customers?


  • Helen Young Hayes, CEO & Founder of Activate Workforce Solutions, former Portfolio Manager of the Janus Worldwide Fund
  • Jason Janz, Pastor at Providence Bible Church, Founder of Cross Purpose
  • Michael Coors, CEO of CoorsTek
  • Irma Lockridge, Chief Human Resources Officer, Coors Tek

During Lunch: “The MBA Oath: Seeking Higher Standard for Business” – Panel Discussion

Short-term thinking and self-interested business practices shook the foundations of the American economy in 2007-2008. As global capital markets started to crumble, a group of Harvard MBA students asked, “What would it look like if business lived by a higher standard?” Maxwell Anderson, one of those students, penned a book: The MBA Oath, a book about a new voluntary pledge taken business owners to “create value responsibly and ethically.”

What does it look like create value responsibly in day-to-day operations? How can business leaders serve both society and stakeholders, protect human rights, operate with integrity, and develop others into their full capabilities? What has been the progress of the MBA Oath since it was penned in 2011 – and what other efforts afoot to define the ethical core of American business – and hence, the American economy?

Panel discussion with:

  • Maxwell Anderson, Founder of The MBA Oath and Stagecoach Ventures
  • Steve Reinemund, Former CEO of PepsiCo and Dean of the Wake Forest Business School, current board member of American Express, Marriott, Exxon Mobil and Chik-Fil-A
  • Helen Young Hayes, CEO & Founder of Activate Workforce Solutions, former Portfolio Manager of the Janus Worldwide Fund
  • Henry Kaestner, Principal at Sovereign’s Capital
  • Moderator: Jeff Haanen, Denver Institute for Faith & Work
  • Jason Janz
  • Providence Bible Church, Cross Purpose