Featured Resources: 2014 DIFW Law Forum

Redeeming Law from Denver Institute on Vimeo.

A New Way To Practice Law from Denver Institute on Vimeo.

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Law Vocation Group – David Hyams Interview from Denver Institute on Vimeo.

Suggested Resources

  • Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession, by Michael P. Schutt. Redeeming Law is one of the best introductions to living out the call to be a lawyer. Written by Michael Schutt, Director of the Institute for Christian Legal Studies, Redeeming Law is structured in three parts: (1) The Lost Lawyer, which gives an overview of the barriers to integrating faith and law, (2) Integrity, which gives a robust theological vision of work and the field of law, and (3) Integrity in Practice, which gives a host of practical examples, ranging from thinking about law through the lens of the atonement to the biblical rationale for contracts. Richly theological (though, at times, a bit “deep”), Redeeming Law is a great first book to buy on uniting faith with the practice of law.
  • Christianity and Law: An Introduction, by John Witte, Jr. A thorough, scholarly treatment on how Christianity has influenced our modern ideas of jurisprudence, justice, and human rights.
  • The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande. A classic treatment on conflict resolution, applicable to parents or employees just as much as lawyers.
  • The Lawyer’s Calling, by Joseph Allegretti. A fantastic, brief book on the contemporary challenges of law that goes beyond mere ethics and re-thinks the very profession through a theological lens.
  • God, Man, and the Law: The Biblical Principles, by Herbert W. Titus. A great library reference for lawyers seeking to understand the deep influence of the Bible on the American legal system.