Gary Aronhalt

Gary Aronhalt is the communications manager, responsible for telling our shared stories.

Having been a caterer, a pastry chef, a guitar salesman, a college-age ministry worker, a worship pastor, a church planter, a liturgical writer and an entrepreneur Gary brings a significant breadth of experiences to his role.  But it was his work with Greystone Technology, first as tech support and later growing into a wider role as Director of Business Relations, where he gained a deep appreciation and fascination with Colorado’s thriving business community.

On top of all of that, he has a bachelor’s in Christian Ministry from Tabor College and a Master of Arts in Leadership from Denver Seminary.

Gary is also currently leading worship at Christ Church Denver, an Anglican community within the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado.

Must listens?

I’m a ravenous fan of podcasts and audio books and I could go on and on here… For podcasts, I love long-form conversational interviews like “How I Built This,” “The Nerdist” and “Finding Mastery.”  For great story-telling, it’s hard to beat “This American Life,” “Radiolab” and “Reply All.”  Oh, and Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History” is really great, too.

For audiobooks, treat yourself to “Endurance” by Alfred Lansing.  The story of Ernest Shackleton and his crew is one of the greatest ever told.

What else can we find you doing?

Roaming the foothills and mountains as I train for trail and ultra marathon races! Let me know if you want to go for a trail run!