Joanna Meyer

Joanna Meyer DIFW smallJoanna Meyer serves as Denver Institute’s program director, overseeing public events and Vocation Groups.

Joanna spent the last 20 years helping to connect organizations to the community, managing leadership development at Trimm International and PGi, and serving in a number of roles with Cru. Since her first boss dubbed her “the city-builder,” she’s put her experience to work, building projects from the ground up and finding creative solutions to the challenges communities face. Working at Denver Institute has given her the opportunity to help Christians all over the Denver metro area connect their faith to their everyday lives, especially their work.

A third-generation Coloradan, Joanna appreciates both its innovative culture and its “rich cowboy roots” — two vital parts of the state’s identity — and hopes everyone moving here takes the time to appreciate them too. Connect with Joanna on Twitter — @joannameyer1.

Must reads?

While it can feel unintellectual to cite children’s books, I have to recommend L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Anne Shirley continues to inspire me with her unapologetic quirkiness and extravagant love for people.

What else can we find you doing?

All sorts of things! I love teaching sewing at the Fancy Tiger (a nationally-known indie craft shop on S. Broadway), exploring the Botanic Gardens, or people watching in Cheesman Park.