Embracing Our Call: God’s Empowering Vision for Women & Work


Women hunger to express the range of their callings, yet many Christian women struggle with conflicting messages about the role work will play in their lives: 


  • What does the Bible say about a woman's call? 
  • Can women really have it all? What does "having it all" even mean?
  • What does it look like to steward our gifts and influence, while meeting the complex demands of career and family?

You're invited to "Embracing Our Call: God's Empowering Vision for Women & Work," Friday, May 12th, a breakfast gathering for Colorado women passionate about stepping forward, maximizing their talents, and expanding God's kingdom through their daily work.


Joanna Meyer, head of Denver Institute for Faith & Work's Women & Vocation Initiative, will join us to explore God's call to employ our gifts within our unique opportunities and constraints. Whether you work in the marketplace, community, or home, this event will help clarify your calling and steward the resources God has entrusted to you.

Tickets on sale NOW! Invite a friend.