Leadership Partners

Leadership Partners is a curated group of business and finance executives who generously leverage their financial capital, social capital (networks), and human capital (talent), to advance the Denver Institute vision in Colorado and beyond.

What is it?
Leadership Partners is an invite-only, quarterly luncheon of highly engaged stakeholders who gather to learn about the key issues facing Colorado, meet other like-minded Christian leaders, and shape the future of Denver Institute.

What do they get?
Leadership Partners get exclusive access to:

  • Opportunities to learn from and network with key business, governmental and civic leaders who are shaping the future of Colorado and are motivated by their faith in Jesus;
  • The CEO of Denver Institute for Faith & Work (DIFW) and leaders within the DIFW community;
  • Other Leadership Partners, including quarterly interviews with other members on their faith, business, and vision for leadership; and
  • Retreat opportunities, books, and other resources.

What do they give?
Leadership Partners commit to:

  • Generously investing $5,000+ per year of capital (financial gifts, in-kind gifts of time and talent, or both);
  • Attending 3 (three) of 4 (four) quarterly lunches per year; and
  • Referring 2 (two) new Leadership Partner prospects per year.



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