Are We More Than Our Biology?

How one Christian scientist examines this question
by Joanna Meyer

Many Christians working in the sciences struggle to integrate their spiritual and professional lives. In this presentation, you get a glimpse of how researcher Praveen Sethupathy, genomicist and researcher at Cornell University, holds his callings in tension.  


Praveen will join Denver Institute on Feb. 15 for “Callings in Conflict,” an event examining science and faith together, and inviting believers who work in the sciences to celebrate God in their work.

Join us Feb. 15

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Joanna Meyer

Joanna serves as Denver Institute’s Director of Public Engagement and oversees the Women & Vocation Initiative. Prior to coming to the Institute, Joanna worked in global telecom, nonprofit consulting, and campus ministry with Cru. She served as associate faculty at Denver Seminary and as a sewing instructor at Fancy Tiger Crafts. A third-generation Coloradan, Joanna appreciates both the state’s innovative culture and its cowboy roots. She has an MA in Social Entrepreneurship from Bakke Graduate University and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder.