Jeff Haanen
Race and the Gospel

The week after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, I got on the phone to call several of my Black friends to see how they were doing. One of our alumni from the 5280 Fellowship, a Black woman working for the state of Colorado, shared her devastation. “I’m not sure how to describe how I’m […]

Jeff Haanen
Share the Stimulus: A Movement of Generosity

With more than 22 million people unemployed in the U.S., many of us are asking what we can do to help.Millions of Americans are receiving stimulus checks from the federal government. Some will need this money greatly, but many of us know people in our churches, communities, and businesses with far greater needs than our […]

Equipping Future Leaders

Since 2016, more than 75 Fellows have completed the nine-month spiritual formation and professional development experience that helps Christians integrate their career and their calling to love God and serve their neighbors. We often say that the 5280 Fellowship is meant to equip participants for a life with God, through work, for the world.As adult […]

Dustin Moody
Making All Things New

Our annual fundraiser and celebration of vocation earlier this spring explored the idea of how God is making all things new (Revelation 21:5). We celebrated the places where we’ve seen God’s work of redemption throughout Denver, and we considered how we can individually join his work of restoring our relationships and our companies. We asked […]

Jeff Haanen
What Can I Really Do?

This is an excerpt from Jeff’s keynote talk at “All Things New,” DIFW’s annual fundraiser and celebration of vocation. Several weeks ago, I got a text from my wife: “This school shooting…just hurting today. K-12 Douglas County charter school 3 miles from our house. And our kids head off to another K-12 Douglas County charter […]

Creating Good Work: A 5280 Fellow’s Story

Each year, the 5280 Fellows create a professional project, combining what they’ve learned about the theology of work with their role, industry, and passions. The projects address an actual need in the Fellow’s company, industry, or city. In addition, Fellows are challenged to integrate their project with a theological foundation and reflect on how they […]

Jeff Haanen
How Do We Change? Formation in the 5280 Fellowship

How do we change? I’m 34 years old, have four kids, and have been in the workforce for 9 years. And for me, there is no more pressing question in my life today than How do I change? In the past three years, the stress of leading a growing organization, trying to be a good […]

Laura Bernero
“Keep Your Cool. Do Your Best. Honor God.”

He recalled the mantra his father repeated to him before high school basketball games: “Keep your cool. Do your best. Honor God.” Dan Dye still exuded the tenacity of a point guard and the humility of a hard worker as he echoed those same words of advice to me and a group of 5280 Fellows. […]

Brian Gray
Filling Our City With Disciples

Throughout Denver and Boulder, church leaders are engaging in conversations about the integration of faith and work, and inviting young professionals to do the same – to connect Sunday to Monday. To see all of life in light of the gospel. To invite Christ into day-to-day work, no matter the sphere or industry.   As […]

Rachel Moran
Bringing Light to the Darkness

I grew up as a white child raised by middle-class parents in a suburb so idyllic that it was named the safest city in America for three years running during my elementary and middle school years. After I graduated from high school, I went to a small Christian college in an area so rural and […]