Jeff Haanen, Laura Bernero
“Expand Your Cultural Imagination”: A Christian Rap Artist on Creativity  

In early June, I invited my friend Jim Mullins of Surge Network (a faith and work organization in Phoenix) to share with other movement leaders at City Gate, an annual gathering of peers doing similar work to Denver Institute.   Jim stood up and said, “I want to begin my talk on theological imagination — […]

Brian Gray
Media, Marketing & Storytelling

How does marketing and communications contribute to the work of God today? Hear how a panel of marketers and public relations experts answered this question at our 2015 event “Media, Marketing & Storytelling.” Panelists are T.C. Johnstone of Gratis 7 Media Group, Eric Brown of Whiteboard, Grady Powell of Openfields, Jill Anschutz (Hamilton) of SE2 and Jesse Marble of  Magneti Marketing. […]

Brian Gray
Telling Your Company’s Story

“No matter what industry you work in. No matter where you are on the corporate ladder. Perhaps a different lens to tell our stories, market our brands, and lead our organizations is through the lens of the prophet. We are prophets of a future not our own.If we get this perspective right…We get our story […]

Brian Gray
Advertising, Media & The Stories We Sell

Legendary ad man Leo Burnett observed, “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.”  Does marketing and advertising feed our hunger for more or can it contribute to the common good? Hear how a panel of marketers and public relations experts answered this question at our 2015 event “Media, […]

Brian Gray
A Christian Ethic for Social Media

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, how can the Bible guide our use of social media? Denver Institute founder Jeff Haanen shares insight in this brief video essay. As you watch ask yourself: How does your use of social media feed “The Big Me”? Does your online engagement foster a “broadcasting personality”? […]

Erik Wolgemuth

“So basically, you’re just saying that I need to get famous before you’d be interested in working with me?” The question, posed by a potential client, jarred me in its frustration and starkness. At the same time – and in a surprising way – it resonated deeply with my own questions and concerns. As a […]

Jeff Haanen
Screens, Media, and the Oracles in Our Pockets

I sit down in my car, and before I even pull out my keys, I tap my iPhone to check my email. Of course, I just checked my email an hour earlier, before my 2pm appointment. But without even thinking, more like a reflex than an action, I head to the screen in eager expectation. […]

Jill Anschutz
Gourmet Chocolates, the Craft of Media, and a Dramatic Need

I got my first job when I was 14 selling gourmet chocolates in a small neighborhood candy shop. Hustling truffles and Jordan Almonds for $4.50 an hour was surprisingly fulfilling. Yet even as a teenager working a few hours a week after school I had questions that I now know relate to the integration of […]

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