Jeff Haanen
Darius Wise Joins the Denver Institute Board of Directors

Denver Institute for Faith & Work is excited to welcome Darius Wise as our newest board member. Learn more about Darius and his interest in serving with DIFW.Why do you care so much about the Denver Institute mission?I care as much as I do because DIFW’s missions aligns with the gospel I both believe and […]

Faith-Based Investing

“How can I deepen my relationships with existing clients while also differentiating my offering to appeal to prospects?” “How do I help my clients practice good stewardship by maximizing financial performance while also seeking to make a positive difference with their investments?” “I’m a Christian financial advisor, but I’m not sure what the Bible has to say about […]

David Rupert
Be Rich Toward God

This post highlights the work of Peak Financial Management, a presenting sponsor at February’s “Business for the Common Good” event. Many thanks to Peak Financial for their generous support! For some, financial planning sounds like something reserved for those with mounds of money and investment savvy. But for Nick Wolverton of Peak Financial Management, money […]

Tim Macready
Integrating Faith Into the Way We Invest

As Chief Investment Officer of a Christian pension fund, it occurs to me frequently that 25,000 Australians have entrusted their retirement savings to us. This is a substantial responsibility. Our beneficiaries trust that we will work to the utmost of our abilities to ensure they are well-provided for so they can live a fruitful and […]

Tim Weinhold
Church, Culture… And Business

Twenty years ago Michael Novak, in his book Business as a Calling, provided this snapshot of a particularly prominent Christian business leader: [The] chairman and chief executive of the largest natural gas company in the United States… some time ago announced publicly his company’s vision: “To become… the most innovating and reliable provider of clean […]

Jeff Haanen
Biblically Responsible Investing

When preparing to introduce Robin John, the CEO of Eventide Asset Management, at our recent “Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds” event, I did what most people do when preparing a speaker intro: I googled him. Several articles popped up. One reporter called him “The Believer,” noting the rather strange language on their website: “business as […]

Grant Stone
Investing with a Kingdom Focus

I have been interested in the stock market for as long as I can remember. A few years back, I had the opportunity to join a company that analyzed, consolidated, and synergized investment data. I quickly became aware that the world of investments was far more complicated than I had previously thought. I began to […]

Jeff Haanen
5 Reasons to Attend “Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds” on June 8

Months ago I first ran into Tim Weinhold, one of the speakers at next week’s “Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds: How Theology Can Renew Investing and Wealth Management.” After I read one of his articles — Business: Engine of Biblical Blessings —I decided to reach out for a phone call. In our chat, I learned he was a Harvard […]

Chad Hamilton
How Should Christians Think About Investing?

Traditionally, most people have invested purely in search of profits. If you wanted to make a difference in the community, you would do that through your gifting. This resulted in a compartmentalized approach which essentially divided financial intentions into two buckets — one for investing and one for charitable giving. This approach means you are seeking […]

Jeff Haanen
Banking Alone

  Recently I received an urgent plea from Mike, a young investment banker in New York. Mike had just graduated with his BA in financial economics from Columbia University. Having read my review of Kevin Roose’s Young Money, he knew that investment banking meant 100 hour work weeks, acidic professional environments, and often working for […]

Chad Hamilton
A Hope-Based Approach to Financial Planning

Good financial planners know that effective financial planning is comprehensive in scope and the components are interdependent. Like pieces of a puzzle that fit together in a particular way to form a complete picture, financial decisions are interrelated and contingent on one another. For example, the way investments are allocated impacts the amount of income taxes that […]