Jeff Haanen
Colorado Needs a Renewed Vision for Craftsmanship

Colorado needs a renewed vision for craftsmanship. Lately everybody is talking about workforce development. In September, the Biennial of the Americas featured a discussion on this topic. Careerwise Colorado continues to make headlines placing youth in apprenticeships across the state. The Denver City Council’s economic and workforce development group is hosting a series of roundtables […]

“DealMakers”: A Documentary Look at Labor and Hope in America

I often imagine what collective impact between business leaders, churches, government, nonprofits and ministries might look like. What would it look like for us partner together to make a permanent, generational impact on American society?When it comes to work, in many ways, our society is hemorrhaging. The labor participation rate for men age 24-55 is […]

Case Thorp
Andy Crouch, What Does the Faith and Work Movement Need to Hear?

In early February, I probed the thoughts of Andy Crouch, author, blogger, and speaker. Crouch had just resigned as executive editor at Christianity Today and moved to the John Templeton Foundation as a communication strategist. His books and speaking engagements have made him a thought leader on culture, and connected him notably to the faith […]

Jeff Haanen
Want an Affordable Home? Thank a Craftsman

  What is causing soaring home prices in Denver right now? This is the question on many would-be buyers’ minds. In June, the average home price in Denver was $366,419 — the highest in Colorado state history. The Denver City Council has spent significant time trying to find solutions to the shortage of affordable housing. […]

Jeff Haanen
Stories of Hope: A Reason to Be Generous

Today is Colorado Gives Day, Colorado’s biggest one-day event to give to your favorite nonprofit. As I take a look at the past year, I can see all kinds of reasons to give to Denver Institute for Faith & Work. (But hey, since I’m the executive director, I’m biased!) Perhaps one of the best reasons to […]

Jeff Haanen, Chris Horst
The Handcrafted Gospel

Recently I bought a small, red cabinet for my wife and kid’s homeschool books. It was from IKEA, so how hard could assembly really be? Yet in only 20 minutes, I had managed to drill three holes in the wrong side of the red cabinet door. My wife took the project away from me, and […]

Jeff Haanen
Knotted Dreams

Josh Mabe led me behind his shop. “It’s a mess back here,” he said. What I saw was not your typical Home Depot fare: old railroad carts, wine barrels, deserted barn doors, discarded flooring from 19th century homes, planks from the bed of a semi-truck trailer – each piece had a common theme: it had […]

Chris Horst
Productivity and Grace: Management and Labor at a Denver Manufacturer

There’s a simple reason why manual laborers are called “blue-collar”: The color blue, it turns out, hides dirt better than the white seen in office buildings. But “blue collar” defines more than work apparel, of course. It defines industry, even a way of life. And its stereotypes are often unflattering. But a metal products manufacturer […]

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