Alex Siemers
Contentment and Busyness

As a college student, I was pretty unique in the audience for Denver Institute for Faith and Work’s event at Denver United Church on September 25. However, it truly was a privilege to be among the 175 people who gathered to hear Eugene Peterson’s wisdom on work. As Eugene was talking, there were a couple […]

Jeff Haanen
What Might Your Work Give to the World?

When Hunter Beaumont worked for one of the Big Four accounting firms in Dallas, Texas, his office looked out a 55th floor window. Far below, on the other side of the city was Dallas Theological Seminary. During day, he was an accountant. But during the evening, he took seminary classes. The distance between his 55th […]

How can Producing, Selling and Installing Stone Veneer be God’s Work?

Here’s the story of Chuck Stein, President and CEO of Environmental Stoneworks, and chair of the Denver Institute board of directors. Here are some questions to ask in a group context to discuss the video:Why do you think Chuck enjoys simply “building something?”How do you think Chuck’s company is influencing the community with their products? What if they […]

How We Renew the City: His Story, Our Work (Videos)

What does it look like to renew the city? What role does our work play in God’s renewal of all things? In the first video, author and speaker Amy Sherman asks how we can look for the “redemptive edge” in our work, and how we are called to both “creative renewal” and “prophetic critique” in our […]