Church Partnership Network

Many Christians experience an unintentional disconnect between their spiritual and professional lives.


They don’t see how God values their daily work and empowers them within it. They often believe their work is less important than more overtly religious activity.


In a culture skeptical toward Christian public presence, our work becomes a platform on which to experience God, exemplify the gospel, and serve the needs of the world.

Shane Sunn

St. Patrick Presbyterian Church

“Denver Institute for Faith & Work is invaluable to our congregation. As a pastor who desires to see our people grow in the area of vocational stewardship, it is difficult for one church to provide all the educational resources and vocation-specific opportunities to thrive. DIFW makes all this possible while also enabling us to join arms with other churches as the body of Christ for the greater good of Denver.”

Stephen Redden

New Denver Church

“We are so grateful for the growing partnership between New Denver Church (NDC) and Denver Institute for Faith & Work (DIFW). At NDC, our mission is to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and we believe that relationship changes all aspects of our life. Yet for too many people, there is a huge divide between the faith they celebrate on Sunday and the work they do on Monday. DIFW is helping us close that gap.”


In partnership with Made to Flourish, we’re launching the Denver Pastoral Learning Community. It exists to equip local pastors and churches to integrate a theological vision for faith and work with the particulars of local church, strategy, mission, and engagement.

From December 2017 through May 2018 we will:

– Read some of the best resources on the topic
– Learn alongside area pastors and lay leaders
– Visit practitioners in the metro area
– Spend time with thought leaders from around the country
– Develop church-specific Vocation Integration Plans