David  Spickard

11 Ten Leadership

David Spickard is passionate about helping leaders thrive so that their people thrive and ultimately their communities thrive.  He is the founder and President of 11 Ten Leadership, a leadership development company based in Raleigh, NC, that works with CEOs and their leadership teams in companies with revenues up to $250 million per year to strengthen their leadership, culture, strategy, and impact.  In addition, 11 Ten Leadership facilitates Just Leadership groups which are small cohorts of CEOs and leaders of influence that meet regularly to learn how to navigate issues of justice to strengthen their leadership and create a lasting impact.

Prior to starting 11 Ten Leadership, David was the CEO of Jobs for Life (JfL), a global non-profit organization which provides pathways for unemployed and underemployed men and women to experience the dignity of work. Under his 18 years of leadership, JfL grew from local work in Raleigh to a global network of churches, community organizations, and businesses in over 450 cities and 10 countries.  Along the way, David mobilized thousands of leaders to provide practical solutions for poverty and joblessness in the U.S. and across the world.