Thursday, Jun. 26 /
6:30 p.m. /
Denver, CO

What the World’s Best Social Entrepreneurs Do

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Held on June 26, 2014.Launching businesses to meet social and economic needs has grown in popularity in the last decade. But starting and growing a social enterprise is difficult - and often riddled with challenges.What are the best practices in social entrepreneurship across the globe? What are the biggest challenges to starting and growing a social business? How is social entrepreneurship different abroad versus in the US? How can existing businesses become more responsive to the economic needs of their communities? What are the biggest needs in the world that entrepreneurs need to address? How can theology inform our view of entrepreneurship?


Neil Bellefeuille

Founder & CEO

Rich Hoops


James Reiner

Executive Director

Event Videos

Jim Reiner - Three Things I've Learned after 20 years of Social Entrepreneurship


Rich Hoops - What I've Learned As An Impact Investor


Neil Bellefeuille - The Story of the Paradigm Project


Panel - Social Entrepreneurship Forum