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2020 Year in Review

Many of us will spend more than 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, but we often miss what God has to say about the gospel’s impact on our work. Christians are called to love God and serve our neighbors, but when it comes to our 8-to-5 lives, we struggle to see how our work matters.

For the past eight years, Denver Institute for Faith & Work has built a community of faithful Christians who are loving God and serving our neighbors through our work.

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"As an artist, a lot of my work is done alone. Denver Institute has given me context and community where I've often felt like an island."

Nicole Langford
5280 Fellowship Alumna, Musician, Writer, Violin Teacher

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"The 5280 Fellowship and Denver Institute for Faith & Work have transformed my view of work, and how I intimately engage God and experience the gospel daily."

Ivo Yueh
5280 Fellowship Class of 2019