Local leaders ask: “For Whose Glory?”

by Jeff Haanen

On June 15, church and business leaders from across the region – as well as speakers from around the country – gathered at “For Whose Glory: Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership & Business.”

This Denver Institute event called to mind the unique challenges and opportunities that followers of Christ face when engaging in business practice today.

Here are a couple of takeaways from attendees:

This event was a unique opportunity to connect with transformational business leaders whose focus is leveraging their influence in the marketplace to glorify God.

As this was my first visit to a Denver Institute for Faith & Work event, it was very refreshing and exciting to see so many business, nonprofit, and church leaders gathering to seek to do the work of God’s Kingdom in what has typically been termed the ‘secular’ arena of business.

Faith allows me to look at all work through a ‘kingdom building’ lens.  All of my decisions and actions are guided by the simple criteria of whether or not the choice will lead me towards something that builds His Kingdom here on earth.

The “For Whose Glory” event was a fantastic opportunity to hear from men and women who are truly leaders not just in Denver’s Christian scene, but in Colorado’s broader entrepreneurial movement.

Understanding that all my work is seen by God, and that I have a role in human flourishing affects my desire to do quality work, even in the smallest of tasks. Also, the grace shown to me leads me to show grace and care for coworkers.

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Jeff Haanen

Jeff Haanen is the Founder & CEO of Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Jeff lives with his wife and four daughters in Littleton, Colorado, and attends Wellspring Church.