S1E2: What We Talk About When We Talk About “Calling”

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Brian, Joanna and Dustin explore the big ideas and questions behind our “calling.” What does the Bible have to say about our calling? How have we gotten it wrong? How does it influence our work and the way we spend our time?


Dustin’s quote from Oz Guinness: “There is not a single instance in the New Testament of God’s special call to anyone in a paid occupation or into the role of a religious professional. Others feel that, without a special call, they have no call at all. So they wait around for guidance and become passive, excusing themselves by saying they have had ‘no call.’”

Brian talked about “calling” as a synonym for “salvation,” where most of us talk about as God’s “summon and response” to a particular identity.

Brian’s book recommendation: The Call, by Os Guinness

Parker Palmer on calling: Way to Open

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