Video: The Purpose of Business Today

by Jeff Haanen& Laura Bernero

On June 15, church and business leaders from across the region – as well as speakers from around the country – gathered at “For Whose Glory: Exploring Faithful Practice in Life, Leadership & Business.” It was an honor to see partners, peers and thought leaders join us for discussion and deep questions.

For instance, in the keynote address, Jeff Haanen asked:

  • What is the purpose of business?
  • How do we embrace relationships in our work?
  • How does Christ’s model of sacrificial love apply to our daily tasks?
  • How do we seek spiritual health as workers in our community?

Watch his address as you continue to process these questions alongside us.

Takeaways for today:

Our Christian faith calls us to:

  1. Think theologically about the purpose of business
  2. Embrace relationships
  3. Create work in a spirit of hope
  4. Admit our flaws as we seek deep spiritual health
  5. Serve others sacrificially in our city
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Jeff Haanen

Jeff Haanen is the Founder & CEO of Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Jeff lives with his wife and four daughters in Littleton, Colorado, and attends Wellspring Church.

Laura Bernero

Laura Bernero is our blog curator, overseeing both internal content and contributions from our amazing network of writers. She loves all things creative communications, acting on the belief that we all resonate with great narrative and connect to one another through story. In addition to her role at DIFW, she manages media storytelling campaigns at SE2, a Denver-based communications agency. She was 5280 Fellow in the inaugural 2016-17 class and can’t wait to see the program continue to empower leaders throughout Denver in their unique gifts and callings.