Welcome to the Denver Institute Blog

by Jeff Haanen

Welcome to the Denver Institute Blog, a place for theological reflection and local story telling around the theme of work.

Every day people across Denver apply their faith in Jesus to their work. Spending extra time with a student, speaking hope to a patient, constructing a building that reflects God’s beauty, creating a new business for the community, artfully serving your customers – God is at work through your work.

This blog is primarily focused on three things:


How does a deeper understanding of the Christian story influence our motivation for work?


In what ways does the gospel influenced how we you work? What values and commitments have shaped your work?


How does faith changed what we make, whether it be a service, product, program or policy?

Our goal is both provide a substantial place for theological reflection on our work and for telling local stories of how people apply their faith at work. We aim to illustrate our three guiding principles – creativity, service, and hope – with both stories and quality biblical reflection.

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Jeff Haanen

Jeff Haanen is the Founder & CEO of Denver Institute for Faith & Work. Jeff lives with his wife and four daughters in Littleton, Colorado, and attends Wellspring Church.